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Mystery Play Internet Radio has been broadcasting old time radio on the internet for over 15 years. MPIR has evolved from simple playlists of mp3 formatted radio plays to sophisticated live stream programming to net casting on various listening devices. Clyde J. Kell the owner and operator of Mystery Play Internet Radio has only one purpose and passion. To enable as many people as possible from all over the world the ability to listen and share old time radio.


Gumshoe's Again!!

Hello MPIR Fans & Friends,
As promised the Mystery stream will be featuring outstanding old time radio shows with gumshoe radio detectives. Barrie Craig Confidential Investigator, Dragnet two part episode, Let George Do It, The Adventures of Philip Marlowe, Richard Diamond Private Detective, The Adventures of Sam Spade, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, and more. The shows start Monday Mar 20th, all for your listening enjoyment.

Take a peek at my new artists web site, and let me know what you think?

Here's a crazy idea: Do you have a photo of a favorite pet, dog, cat, etc. or favorite car, boat, thing, radio, house, or maybe vacation spot? Send it to me, and I'll create a piece of art work out of it. Post up on the artists site, and if you like it. You can order yourself a print, or pillow, tote bag, etc. And if you're really happy tell all your family and friends, that you commissioned an artist to create this for you. As for me, I'll post it with the phrase "Commission Work."

Just a crazy idea, what do you say? After reviewing my art gallery, you can see my technique and style. Let's go for it..

Now for the important stuff:  Thank, and thank you again for your generosity! We are almost there to cover the cost of the first server bill. Just a little more to go, and the cost will be covered.

Every donation of any amount is helpful. Operating MPIR does costs, and is 100% listener supported. Please consider sending a donation via paypal. If you do not have a paypal account paypal can process your credit card in complete confidence. Scroll down the page for the CC option. Thank you so much for your support. onations/

I Remain Obediently Yours,
Clyde J. Kell
Mystery Play Internet Radio

Bob Bailey & Dick Powell

Hello MPIR Fans,
A quick note here, just finished up with uploading the radio files for the mystery stream. Now featuring the radio works of Bob Baily, and Dick Powell.

Bob Bailey (born Robert Bainter Bailey, June 13, 1913 in Toledo, Ohio – August 13, 1983) was an American radio actor. Starting in 1946, Bailey starred as freelance detective George Valentine in the radio drama Let George Do It. But he is best remembered as the title character in the long-running radio series Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. The program ran from 1949 until 1962, and featured the exploits of "America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator"; Bailey starred as Johnny from 1955 through 1960 and wrote the script for the December 22, 1957 episode "The Carmen Kringle Matter" using the pen name "Robert Bainter".

Richard Ewing "Dick" Powell (November 14, 1904 – January 2, 1963) was an American singer, actor, film producer, film director and studio head. Though he came to stardom as a musical comedy performer, he showed versatility and successfully transformed into a hardboiled leading man starring in projects of a more dramatic nature. He was the first actor to portray the private detective Philip Marlowe on screen.

This week's art creations can be viewed at:

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For you radio fans, did I capture Bogart and Bacall with this piece?

Thanks for listening, and your support of my passions. Life is good isn't it!!!!