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Mystery Play Internet Radio has been broadcasting old time radio on the internet for over 17 years. MPIR has evolved from simple playlists of mp3 formatted radio plays to sophisticated live stream programming to net casting on various listening devices. Clyde J. Kell the owner and operator of Mystery Play Internet Radio has only one purpose and passion. To enable as many people as possible from all over the world the ability to listen and share old time radio. My creativity now extends to creating works of visual art in water color and illustrations.


Radio Works of Carlton E. Morse

Now playing are my favorite radio works of Carlton E. Morse.
I Love A Mystery: "Temple of Vampires", "Fear Creeps Like A Cat", "Bury Your Dead, Arizona." Adventures by Morse: "The City of the Dead", "ACoffin for the Lady", "Girl on Shipwreck Island."

All together this is a 18 hour playlists! These radio plays were originally broadcasts in 15 minute segments weekly. I have edited them together to complete each story. So make sure to pop yourself a very large bowl of popcorn and other snacks for some outstanding old time radio listening.

Carlton Errol Morse (June 4, 1901 - May 24, 1993) was a Louisiana-born producer/journalist best known for his creation of the radio serial One Man's Family, 1932 through 1959 as one of the most popular as well as long-running radio soap operas of the time. He also was responsible for the radio serial I Love a Mystery, and Adventures by Morse. He is considered by many to be oneof the best radio scriptwriters. "I Love a Mystery" was a tremendous hit and many episodesstill offer chills to modern listeners. The original series was broadcast from 1939 to 1942 on the NBC Blue Network and then had one more season (1943–44) on CBS. It was later revived on the Mutual Broadcasting System from 1949 through 1953. The original run was broadcast from Hollywood, and the revival originated from New York City.