Mystery Play Internet Radio

Old Time Radio Lives Here!

Mystery Play Internet Radio has been broadcasting old time radio on the internet for over 17 years. MPIR has evolved from simple playlists of mp3 formatted radio plays to sophisticated live stream programming to net casting on various listening devices. Clyde J. Kell the owner and operator of Mystery Play Internet Radio has only one purpose and passion. To enable as many people as possible from all over the world the ability to listen and share old time radio. My creativity now extends to creating works of visual art in water color and illustrations.


OTR Weekend Listening

Hello MPIR Fans & Friends,
I hope you enjoyed the Yours Truly Johnny Dollar stories. For your weekend listening enjoyment the mystery stream is featuring episodes from the following series: Boston Blackie, Box 13, Crime Classics, Dimension X, Dragnet, Escape, Gang Busters, Let George Do It, Nick Carter Master Detective, The Adventures of Philip Marlowe, Richard Diamond Private Detective, The Adventures of Sam Spade, Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen, The Shadow, Suspense, Tales of The Texas Rangers, The Creaking Door, The Falcon, The Whistler and This Is Your FBI.

The comedy stream is featuring episodes from the following series: Abbott & Costello Show, Burns and Allen, Fibber McGee & Molly, The Halls Of Ivy, The Jack Benny Program, The Life Of Riley, The Martin & Lewis Show, Meet Me At Parky's, Milton Berle Show, My Favorite Husband, My Friend Irma, Our Miss Brooks, Railroad Hour, Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show, Red Skelton Show,  The Mel Blanc Show.

For you history fans, the history capsule stream is featuring: CBS World News Today, Command Performance, Can You Imagine That, Cavalcade America, Counterspy, GIJive, Inheritance, Major Bowes Amateur Hour, Manhattan Melodies, Melody Hour, The Railroad Hour, Theater of Romance, Yank Swing Session, WW2 Propaganda shows, CBS You Are There, Words Of War.

The MPIR Old Time Radio Dial will feature a mix playlists from the three other streams.

Have A Very Happy Listening Weekend!